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Did you know that the Great Lakes are the biggest freshwater source in the world? Lake Erie is the most productive for fishing of all the Great Lakes. Your support helps make our streams clean, clear and healthy so they can support this complex ecosystem. By donating to PCS, you help us reach our goals of restoring rivers that lead to Lake Erie beaches that promote fishable and swimmable conditions for generations.

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Partners for Clean Streams is dedicated to the health of the streams and rivers of the Toledo region and the people who use them. We all rely on these waters for drinking, recreation, commerce, the landscape, family traditions, and identity of this region. The waterways, and abundance of parks and green space, are part of what knits our communities together and draws people to our region, as we are blessed to be situated on one of the few Great Lakes in the world. Water touches every aspects of our daily lives - from the water we drink to the food we ship around the world to the fun we have fishing and relaxing in our outdoor spaces. But these blessings require care. Pollution, muddy waters, and trash threatens our trips, traditions, and economy. Investing in healthy waters is an investment in our community, health, and future. PCS partners with community volunteers, leaders, and government agencies to protect and clean up our struggling waterways for generations to come.


The lower Maumee River area is part of an Area of Concern as designated by the International Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. An Area of Concern is defined as a geographic area, in and around rivers and streams, that contains one or more of fourteen designated Beneficial Use Impairments to the environment. The Maumee Area of Concern includes the lower Maumee River, Ottawa River, Swan Creek, and many other rivers in Lucas, Northern Wood, Ottawa and Fulton counties. Essentially, the greater Toledo area has many contamination issues that affect our ability to use the water, habitat, and wildlife in the area. Thus, as part of a Remedial Action Plan, PCS is striving to restore waterways while removing the Beneficial Use Impairments.


We partner directly with citizens, businesses, governmental agencies, and other non-profit organizations who take local ownership in their rivers, streams, and lakes. We work with our partners and volunteers to make those waterways clean, clear and safe. We are working with you in your community to make our rivers and streams better. PCS connects organizational and individual partners through educational opportunities, conservation programs, stream clean ups and outreach programs for the benefit of local and regional water in Northwest Ohio. PCS is made up of a small staff, board members and many, many volunteers.


Partners for Clean Streams works in conjuction with the Maumee Remedial Action Plan Advisory Committee, or RAC. Through the RAC, a diverse assortment of interested citizens, government agencies, businesses, and other non-profit organizations collaborate and plan together to meet the broader goals set up for RAPs (Remedial Action Plan) by the International Joint Commission, formed from the International Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. The Remedial Action Plans in Ohio, under direction of the federal and state Environmental Protection Agencies also partner with local action groups to contribute to activities to fulfill the goal of promoting fishable, drinkable and swimmable waterways. Partners for Clean Streams is one of these organizations formally working with the state and RAP Committee to improve water quality in the Maumee Area of Concern.

Partners for Clean Streams Inc. is striving for abundant open space and a high quality natural environment; adequate floodwater storage capacities and flourishing wildlife; stakeholders who take local ownership in their resources; and rivers, streams and lakes that are clean, clear and safe