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Stream of Thought:

  • If everyone in Toledo picked up 5 pieces of trash a week, we would have picked up 1,435,000 pieces of trash in that one week. That's 74, 620,000 or 74.6 million pieces of trash in one year. Still don't think the small things add up?
  • Buying vintage, lightly used clothes saves money and decreases the use of new resources.
  • Saving streams by buying food? It doesn't get easier! Check out the Kroger Community Page to learn how you can earn money for PCS by using your Kroger Plus Card. Imagine that for everything you buy with your card, PCS earns a portion of the profits from Kroger. Its easy to sign up and even easier to use!
  • The famous Walleye is a great swimmer. According to ODNR, a Walleye can swim up to 50 miles in one night.
  • Install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators to keep water pressure up while cutting usage of water in your home.
  • There are 99 fish species currently living in the Maumee River.
  • Carry a reusable bottle. Save money and avoid waste by filling your bottle with water or fountain drinks on the go!
  • Save water by turning off the tap when brushing your teeth. You can save gallons each time!
  • Turn off your computer and other electronics when not in use to save on your electric bills.
  • Pack a waste free lunch! Use reusable containers to reduce your trash impact.
  • Take a stand on straws! Next time you are out, tell your server to hold the straw.
  • Don't run the tap when washing dishes in the sink. Instead, plug the drain and fill the sink with soapy water or use a wash basin. This will help reduce water usage when you have lots of dishes to do.
  • BYOB- Bring Your Own Bag! Prepare for unplanned shopping by stashing a tote bag for trips to the grocery store, mall or other errands. Save landfills and plastic!
  • The Maumee River, starting in Fort Wayne, IN, is the largest river emptying into any of the Great Lakes. It also is the most biologically productive.

Summer 2014 Internship posting

There is so much work to do that PCS will be hiring an Outreach Intern for the summer months. The position is meant to assist PCS in creating clean, clear and safe waterways and for the interns to gain experience in the environmental non-profit world. This position is open to one college student or recent graduate with a passion for preserving nature and communicating with the public. This paid internship will focus on outreach and education including fundraising, volunteer management, event planning, public education and additional environmental non-profit responsibilities. This position is May 12th through October 31st. Please view the Outreach Internship PDF for more details.Contat the office for questions. We look forward to your application!


Earth Day - Earth Month

April is often known for its rain, spring like weather, and Earth Day. While we cannot promise the rain or weather, we can get excited about our Earth. And at PCS, we are excited about Earth's fresh water. Over three-fourths of our Earth is covered in water but less than three percent is fresh water, and most of that is frozen. Of that usable fresh water, seventy-five percent is within the Great Lakes. The little bit of fresh, usable water on this planet is worth protecting. The Maumee River is the largest of any of the rivers flowing into the Great Lakes and deserves to be cared for to sustain our drinking water, our commerce, our recreation, and our abundant wildlife. This is our main message as we celebrate Earth Day. We encourage you to find more ways to reduce our impact, conserve resources, appreciate nature, and celebrate your Earth! Below is a schedule of events we'll be supporting in the coming weeks. Stop by - we look forward to seeing you there!

April 12 Global Youth Service Day; Storm Drain Marking and Camp Miakonda work
April 22 University of Toledo Earth Fest
April 23 Bowling Green Earth Fest
April 26 Party for the Planet at the Toledo Zoo

Reaching the Next Generation

Thank you and congratulations to the 85 young Scouts that attended the Youth Patch Day Workshop on Sunday, March 2nd. The group of energetic Boy and Girl Scouts from kindergarten through fifth grade earned the blue and white embroidered Partnering for Clean Streams Patch by participating in various water education activities. Professionals that work to improve our water quality daily came to lead activities by teaching the children how to become educated and active stewards of our water resources through hands on activities. Participants played in dirt, made worm bins, learned about agriculture, painted a protective storm drain message and explored how water is treated so it is safe for us to drink. The workshop ended in song highlighting benefits of rain gardens. Many of the participants were excited to come back next year. One parent commented, "The presenters were very engaging and the kids are learning a lot that they wouldn't get anywhere else." An eleven-year-old Scout agreed, with an enthusiastic, "This is really cool!" A huge thank you goes out to all those who participated and all those professionals who made the event possible, including Cherie Blair, Andrea Beard, Jen Huber, Jamie Kochensparger, Cheryl Rice, Patrick Lawrence, Richard Kroeger, Rick Hannum, Marilyn DuFour, and Lauren Rush. We look forward to see you at next year's workshop!

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